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Greetings Starfighter... erm, no...

Greetings and Salivations! *waves*

Mys got a wee bit tired of never being sure which journal to post what graphics in so she decided to be a lazy bugger and just make a new one specifically for her media.
This is a multi-fandom and fandom-less journal, though the majority of it at this point has Jameses in, you have been warned! Lol.
Any icons that are NOT fic specific are completely up for grabs with credit, if you please.


Lastly, no media posts will be f-locked so don't get offended or concerned if this journal doesn't friend back.
This LJ is going Semi-Friends Only, this means that graphics/media done for specific ppl/comms will be left open and my Cap Posts of Doom (linked below) will also be left open. Anything else will eventually be F-Locked (probably 1-2 weeks after original posting date).
So if you're here for the caps you're cool, if you're here for the random other things...

Sharin' the Jameses (James Marsters)
Sharin' the Nicky (Nicholas Brendon)
Sharin' the Misha (Misha Collins)

Have fun poking around. *G*

ADDITIONAL: If you get a reply from heavenlyxbodies that's just me responding from my main LJ and being to lazy to log-in and -out of my journals, lol.
So, umm, I was part of the merlin_games Holiday Gift thing, and as horrifying as it might be, I signed up for a graphics prompt. This was the result...

Oh, I should probably mention that the prompt was for the boys and/or knights with Christmas decorations/items/whatnot photoshop'ed in. Okay, onto the embarrassment, lol...

(big) Cheesy Christmasy graphicsCollapse )

Okay, I gotta go to the store so this'll be quick and messy and terribly un-witty, sorry...

Today's Gifs are brought to you by the letter Mordred Collapse )

Only two extras 'cause when 'm not trying to catch-up with the World Series (and really, if you're watching the game and have made it through 9 innings, why do they decide to THEN run a Sports Center ad where they tell you the outcome of the game you're watching!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Silence is driving me nuts...

I seem to have had a thing for Arthur's hands...Collapse )

Wow, 'm getting a jump on this one, lol.
Okay, this round we had the lovely and charming Nimueh!

Now, I was planning to go through a bunch of different eps, but I of course got sucked in by the epic slashiness of The Poison Chalice (this is in no way effected by the fact that it has permanent residence on Colin and has since pretty much the day I got him, lol), erm, sorry?

Mistress of SlashCollapse )

*bounces* Now for some cliche extras! :DCollapse )

All that other boring stuff...
comment if ya like, credit if ya take (mysticartefacts or heavenlyxbodies), you know the drill

So, umm, I got the idea in my head to make some audio rips of Island, specifically some of the stories Calum tells. I have no clue if anyone but me would be interested, but here they are, well a couple of them... oh and since I only wanted the stories I edited Nikki out.

Table Rock

The Seal Girl

Erm, I don't know what to call it, but the one about the houses of the Little People, etc... there are two versions, the first has a bit of Nikki at the end, the second is edited with Nikki cut out and to make it work I had to edit a bit of the end...

I also made a rip of the little 'jig' he does about the Blue Men and the short little tale about the islanders' Mass.

Apologies to anyone who got this from both my journals.

Uber!Epic!FAIL! Somehow, me or the gremlins, the downloads got locked, I fail, sorry. They should all be unlocked now, if anyone has further trouble pls, pls, let me know.

Since apparently I didn't make it clear enough, these are snaggable, but I'd like to know if you do, hence: Comments are love.

Okay, no hitting me! You lot know I'm lousy with proper graphics, but... but... they said crossover and I'd been planning on asking for someone to do this on the kink meme, and it just seemed so logical, I had to... *merp hides*

"The Tears of Uther Pendragon
Bradley James
The Army of Darkness

Bonus pts to those who know why it's "Bradley" and not "Arthur"

Btb anyone who might wanna do a proper mock up would have my eternal gratitude. :D


Merliin_Land gifs- Lancelot

Well, then the sacrificial lamb du jior is Lance, and well, I've used a bunch from 3x13 and a few from 2x04 already, so I decided to raid 1x05 for this lot... I do apologize in advance, between a massive beta project and my mom coming to visit I wasn't able to spend as much time as I would've liked selecting and processing these, but they should do nicely (I hope).

Wherein Lance is an unforgiveable flirt!Collapse )

And Mys manages to find MORE sword twirling!Collapse )

Vid (Arthur/Merlin)

Okay, *chews lip nervously* here's the thing, I don't really do vids. I've made like 3 in my life and the last one I made about a week after the end of TW S2, so yeah, been a while. Anyway, I don't claim for this to be beautiful, but it makes me happy and, well, I had to do it.

Vidder: heavenlyxbodies or mysticartefacts
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (but it's pretty gen esp without the drabble that goes with)
Rating: PG
Feedback: Makes me happy, just play nice
Disclaimer(s) can be found here
Music Credits: Dropkick Murphys- 1953, Going Out in Style 2011


downloadable here

Yeah, umm, don't hit me too much, k. *runs off to hide in her fandom bubble, the big one with all her boys in, think of it as a green room for fandom *nodnodnod* behind her rock...*

*Note: the vid is being x-posted to my fic journal, sorry to anyone who's actually watching both journals (which I doubt, lol)

*bounces* Okay, this excursion was all about Hunith! Which somehow turned into all about the Merlin love, lol.

In which, Merlin is a very tactile creature...Collapse )

A Mys Dictionary in GIFCollapse )


Merlin-y Icon Dump #2

Erm, so, in an effort to avoid my BB get the muses working and avoid my BB I found myself playing with allllllllllll those different pics that have been surfacing lately... and lucky you get to be on the receiving end of my insanity, lol.
I should also note that 'm posting this at like 3 in the morning so what little sanity I had is kinda AWOL, so cheers, lol.
Oh, and there aren't any from Bradley's footie match, just fyi.

Oh, yeah, some of these I don't really like all that much esp looking at them in the light of day and not 2AM when I usually get to work on such things, lol, but I figure I made them I should put them out unless they are truly horendous, so yeah, just keep that in mind, yeah.
Anyway, teasers, yeah...

Ack, icons! Viscious attack icons!!! Run away, run away!!!Collapse )


Full list of credits can be found here.

They're all totally snaggable (though I'd prefer ppl ask before they use any as bases just in case, yeah) just credit either mysticartefacts or heavenlyxbodies
Comments are LOVE (and loved) ♥ ♥ ♥

So, umm, I really didn't mean to do this this way, but it just happened and I've got that whole BB and the other graphics challenge, which guh! headache much, and this pile of icons waiting to be finished and well... I just said bugger it and just went with it, so these are almost exclusively from 3x10 and 3x11- I reallllllly didn't mean it to work out that way... sorry. *hides*

Oh, this fortnight is for Uther!

Finally, an excuse to gif ASH!Collapse )

Now for the yummies, or other yummies :D

...and then Arthur happenedCollapse )

'k that's it for this instalment, enjoy (gee, look how bold 'm getting, lol)